SAP Loans Management

This module deals from beginning to end with the Portfolio Management and Placement processes, achieving a complete and flexible administration of credit products. Integration with the Origination, Collateral, Collections and Dispute modules is implemented.

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➤ The organization requires a solution for managing financial products of the asset. This solution must be able to configure products for loans of different lines of credit such as Housing, Vehicles, Consumption, Payroll, among others.

 It must allow the management of different repayment plans, allocation of fixed and variable rates, and base of interest accumulation that allow to have the different scenarios used in the market.

 The solution enables the configuration of credit products to manage short, excess payments, extraordinary payments and allow to include charges that are part of the fee and even capitalizable charges.

 Flexibility to prioritize the application of payments, calculation of interest on arrears and other necessary charges that can be generated depending on the payment behavior of the customer.

 Regulatory reports and controls are mandatory for the Portfolio Management solution.


➤ DYCSI specializes in implementations to manage the credit lines of different amortization systems, such as annuity, fixed capital amortization, cyclical amortization, maturity amortization, among others.

➤ Our solution offers flexibility for the use of different currencies, fixed or variable rate types, interest calculation 360 or 365 days a year, prepaid or overdue payments, insurance calculation and calculation of management fees according to the needs of our client, guaranteeing the correct calculation of the amounts and the integral recovery of the portfolio.

➤ Some of the kinds of products available correspond to mortgage loans, consumer loans such as free investment, vehicle, education, rotating quotas, among others.

➤ The tool allows the creation of extraordinary payments to the capital for decrease of term or for the recalculation of quota, allows the refinancing of debts and the capitalization of concepts defined under the internal policies of each organization.

➤ By integrating with FICA, the logic of priorities in the payment application is possible. The system does is integrated with our collection system (or external systems) to allow the collection process.

➤ We cover the traditional operations of the management of loans by installments or installments, including the definition of the product itself, the management of clarification accounts, that is, where payments are made to be applied later, negotiation of conditions, advance payments, postpone payments, closing accounts and automatic accounting integrated with the accounting module, among others.

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Loans Types

➤ Car Loans
➤ Factoring
➤ Revolving Credit Lines
➤ PYME Credit
➤ FIRA Credit
➤ Passive Loans
➤ Second Floor Loans
➤ Payroll Loans
➤ Group and Solidarity Loans
➤ ACH Loans
➤ Qualification Credit
➤ Refractive Credit
➤ Unsecured Credit
➤ Pledge Credit
➤ Mortgage Loans
➤ Microloans


➤ End-to-end operation of portfolio management processes.

➤ Complete and flexible administration of credit products.

➤ Integration with the Origination, Collateral, Collections and Dispute modules.

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