SAP Deposits Management

Allows the integral administration of the products of the liability with integration to channels and payment systems, as well as flexibility in the definition of products, channels and adaptable transactional and accounting scheme.

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For the administration of passive collection operations, it is necessary that the organization has a solution for the integral administration of savings accounts, current accounts and term deposits.

The solution must be flexible in the definition of collection products, which includes all the processes from the opening of the account to the closing and allowing operations for deposits or withdrawals of cash, cause of interest, extra or transactional charges, direct debit operations , recurring debits or credits and the integration with external entities by standard messaging mechanisms to make interbank transfers or to the client's external accounts.

Accounting integration and tax calculations is vital in the organization, in the same way as regulatory reports.

It must provide integration with the Account Origination and Portfolio Management solutions to automatically create account creation operations and make payments or payments for disbursements from the portfolio modules.


Our solution for managing current accounts, savings and certificates of deposit covers all the process needs for these financial products.

The organization can quickly and flexibly design products based on an adaptable condition model by activating and deactivating transactions and functions. Allows you to connect to transactional payment systems using standard open interfaces.

The configuration of these products allows to establish the different operating policies, such as: fees, terms, terms of renewal and cancellation, overdrafts, interest causation methods, account statements and all the required transactional operations.

It allows bank direct debit operations, such as recurring and scheduled debits or credits, transfers between internal accounts or with other banks through standard Swfit messaging.

Our solution can be extended without modifications. Its adaptable design of integration with the modules of clients, accounting, loans and reporting / business intelligence and a flexible scheme of events where the own requirements for each bank can be implemented.

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Main Features

Integration with the Client Module (CIF). Integrates to the accounts the different business partners (holders, authorized, recipients of correspondence, contact person, among others).
➤ Terms. It establishes the conditions for Interest (debit, credit, overdraft interest, transaction interest, commitment interest) and Charges (transaction charges, item charges, business activity payments / account statements, maintenance charges, direct charges).
Limits. Set overdraft limits, external and internal.
Products Definition. Activate and deactivate transactions and functions, default fields, account types.
➤ Checkbook Administration. It is responsible for the administration, control, blocking and handling of check inventory processes.
➤ Taxes. Configure the different tax concepts, depending on the nature of the transaction and customer.


➤ Integral administration of liabilities products with integration to means and payment systems.

➤ Flexibility in product definition and configurable transactional and accounting scheme.

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