OpenText Enterprise Content Management
for Document Administration

Our service proposal is aimed at ensuring the administration and operation of the OpenText Extended ECM tool for document management.

Business Objective

  • Document administration:

    • Employee Electronic Record.

    • Customer Digital Record.

    • Secure Repository for Electronic Invoices.

  • Manage file access policies through roles and permissions.

  • Multiplatform (SAP, ORACLE, MICROSOFT).

  • Create and manage business rules for file retention policies.

  • Create documentary work areas integrated to SAP transactions.

  • Have a system of notifications and documentary alerts.

  • Eliminate the use of paper as much as possible.

  • Versioning management for improved management and traceability of activities or use of documents.

Odoo • Image and Text

OpenText Software Services

  • OpenText Cloud

  • Servicios OpenText

  • Licensing (non-SAP systems)