SAP Contract & Lease Management


New accounting standards are requiring all those companies that are publicly traded to report in their financial statements the information of their leasing contracts as of January 2019.

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Contract Management

➤ Different types of leases: lease in & lease out .

➤ Business Partners management.

➤ Identification of the object of the agreement as a cost center, a property, WBS element, equipment, internal orders, among others.

➤ Terms and conditions for notifications and renewal options.

➤ Fully integrated lease payments flows.

➤ Critical dates and reminders.

➤ Document management.

Multi-GAAP Accounting

➤ Multi-GAAP accounting (IFRS, US GAAP, HGB, local GAAP).

➤ Management of assets by right of use and liabilities. 

➤ Customer / seller accounting.

➤ Amortization and periodic payments. 

➤ Lease payments.

➤ Accounting of CECOs and CEBEs.

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Rating and Classification

➤ Valuation and classification rules.

➤ Calculation and reports of NPV, amortization, payments and interest rates.

➤ Change / revaluation management.

➤ Support for transition scenarios.

➤ Creation / bonding with fixed assets.


Implementation of the SAP RE-FX module in phases

Integrations with SAP FI & CO and AA

Implemented in both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA

Complete comprehensive solution for contract management

Different types of contracts.

 Manages the Business Partners of each contract.

 Keeps track of critical dates.

Supported by the SAP RE-FX module

➤ To perform periodic accounting entries for passive amortizations of payments.

 To have the information and documentation up to date on operating leases.

➤ To systematize and update the valuation rules of each lease.

➤ To perform at the same time the depreciation associated with each contract.

Managed in a central contract database

All parties involved work with the same contract data.

➤ Contracts can be valued according to different GAAP standards, allowing you to perform your local and IFRS assessments.

 Calculate payments, depreciation and present value.

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