SAP Profitability & Performance Management

SAP Profitability & Performance Management allows to maintain and execute complex models of cost and revenue allocation, in real time and high speed for the analysis of profitability of products, service or any component that dispenses a cost and needs to be analyzed.

  • Allows to determine the profitability of products, customers, channels, organizational units, among other dimensions.

  • Allows obtaining the level of detail of the costs and income calculated or distributed by individual financial instrument.

  • Offers results in real time, the model is able to process a large amount of data in a short time.

  • It’s an application that runs with any data model, allows the integration of various data sources and reduces efforts related to ETL.

  • It’s a flexible tool, which allows rapid implementation and is time-modified by the user.


  • Business Data Aggregator that integrates the different operational data systems.

  • Calculation Engine which processes large volumes of data at high speed.

  • Simulation application which provides a real-time view of data including the traceability of the entire process.

Multi-use cases in all industries 

  • Business and Financial Models

    • Analysis and processing of large volumes of high-speed data with the ability to simulate assumed scenarios and traceability.

  • IT Cost Management

    • Transparency in IT costs, Financial Management and automated IT Billing.

  • Management of the Carbon Footprint

    • Life cycle assessment of the environmental impact of service products.

  • Profitability and Cost Management

    • Optimize profitability and cost in product and service, channel and customer level.

  • Price Transfer

    • Transfer of costs and revenues for intermediaries that comply with taxes, licenses, services and products between legal entities (OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines).

  • Funds and Liquidity Transfer Prices

    • Dynamic cash flow rate modeling, fund transfer pricing and liquidity.

  • Agile Plan and Forecast Modeling

    • Run sophisticated stochastic and predictive models based on units based on BPC and SAC.

  • Assignment Simulations

    • Run simulations based on data and allocation rules of S/4HANA and ERP.

  • Product and Price Forecast

    • Forecast and optimization of the profitability of the product.