SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity

Connect banks and other financial institutions with corporate clients in a secure network owned and managed by SAP. SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity offers multiple services in a single channel, while supporting the implementation of new ones.


  • Allow direct integration with payment approval processes.

  • Eliminate file-based and middleware integration with a unified service-based offering with ERP.

  • Add encryption and digital signatures to messages exchanged with financial institutions.

  • Integrate SWIFT integration based on a partnership between SAP and SWIFT.

  • Reach a large number of banks using a standard exchange protocol based on EBICS.

  • Facilitate host-2-host connectivity to financial institutions.


  • Create a multi-bank digital channel between your ERP system and your banks that offers built-in EBICS and SWIFT connectivity.

  • Refine and simplify treasury operations by updating payment status and cash positions automatically in your ERP system.

  • Automate error-prone manual steps associated with payment execution and reconciliation, cash order requests and order entry documents.