SAP Contract & Lease Management CLM / RE-FX  

On January 13, 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) announced the launch of new accounting standards that define how organizations should account for leases, which requires all those companies that are publicly traded to report in their financial statements the information of said contracts as of January 2019.

SAP Contract & Lease Management CLM / RE-FX Features

  • It’s possible to implement the SAP RE-FX module in phases.

  • Integrations with SAP FI & CO y AA.

  • Complete comprehensive solution for Contract Management:

    • Different types of contracts.

    • Manages the Business Partners of each contract.

    • Keeps track of critical dates.

  • Supported by the SAP Flexible Real Estate Management module that allows:

    • To perform periodic accounting entries for passive amortizations of payments.

    • To have the information and documentation up to date on operating leases.

    • Systematize and update the valuation rules of each lease.

    • Perform at the same time the depreciation associated with each contract.

  • Manages in a central contract database:

    • All parties involved work with the same contract data.

    • Contracts can be valued according to different GAAP standards, allowing you to perform your local and IFRS assessments.

    • Calculate payments, depreciation and present value.

  • It can be implemented in both SAP ECC and SAP S 4 HANA.