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SAP Functional Analyst

Job Objective  

Provide support to our customers on the functionalities of the SAP CML and FinoBank system.

Main Roles and Responsibilities

  • First Level Support.

  • Initial Analysis of Requirements.

  • Incident Analysis.

  • Tracking open tickets.

  • Documentation of internal processes.

  • Reception of all support calls.

Essential Knowledge  

  • Basic accounting

  • ERPs support

  • Basic Finance

  • Excel

  • Customer service

(Minimum requirements)

  • Professional career completed in Computer Systems or related

  • Professional career finished in Accounting

Functional Consultant

Job Objective  

Identify and understand the needs of the client, its structure, policies, and operations, and help design solutions for meeting the objectives of the organization. Implementation of standard features of the SAP module in your area.

Main Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for analyzing customer needs that must be covered by the standard system configuration, solution design, implementation, internal testing, customer testing, and production.

  • Demonstrate to customers where it is required to show the standard functionality of SAP.

  • Follow up on the parties involved in the definition, design, construction, testing, and acceptance of the requirements, so that they can be billed and collected in the shortest possible time. The parties involved include customers, the internal DYCSI team, and himself/herself.

  • Monitor the delivery times of the client's requirements assigned to him, according to the commitment dates. Give notice to management in case delivery times are compromised.

  • Translate customer needs into functional requirement documents that can be interpreted by software engineering personnel to design and build technological solutions.   

  • Define together with the client the scope of the requirement by defining use cases.

  • Develop/update compliance training materials to meet the legal requirements imposed by financial standards on products that DYCSI delivers to its customers.

Essential Knowledge  

  • Business Intelligence

  • Finance

(Minimum requirements)

  • Professional career completed in Computer Systems or related


Job Objective  

Find the best development practices, complying with the quality standards of the company, to meet customer expectations.

Main Roles and Responsibilities

  • Implement best development practices in SAP.

  • Follow the development guidelines specified in the documentation of the processes and quality standards of the assigned project. 

  • Propose solutions and analyze the requirements to carry them out.

  • Create software components for current customers.

  • Maintain current components.

  • Management of ALV reports.

  • Creation and maintenance of module pool programs.

  • Development of smartforms.

  • Creation and definition of web services on the ABAP platform.

  • Unit tests.

  • Creation of report type programs.

  • Management of object-oriented programming in ABAP.

  • Data dictionary management in ABAP.

  • Implementation of extension point for standard programs.

  • Implementation of user exit for standard programs.

  • Management of BADIS and BAPIS.

  • Development of use cases for programs.

  • Creation of Z programs.

  • Creating Z data dictionary objects.

  • Creation of groups and function modules Z.

Essential Knowledge  

  • Knowledge in programming algorithms.

  • Databases.

  • Application settings.

  • Knowledge in any programming language.

  • Knowledge in SQL.

  • Intermediate English.

(Minimum requirements)

  • Professional career completed in Computer Systems or related

Project Manager

Job Objective  

Follow up and comply with the delivery commitments agreed with the client, as well as the monthly fulfillment of the contractual SLAs.

Main Roles and Responsibilities

  • Change control creation.

  • Request the assignment of functional.

  • Send estimates to the customer.

  • Project monitoring.

  • Ensure compliance with the dates agreed with the client.

  • Collect project documentation to send to the client.

  • Schedule meetings with the client and the team.

  • Sending weekly and monthly reports.

  • Follow-up on tickets raised by the customer.

  • Internal platform support.

  • Monitoring of SLAs.

  • Guards for SLAs.

  • Operational support management (AMS).

  • Release Management.

Essential Knowledge  

  • Experience in project management.

  • Customer service experience.

(Minimum requirements)

  • Professional career completed in Computer Systems, Administration or related.