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Consumer Demand: at the Heart of Fintech Innovation

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Neobank: What is it?

The key to attracting Generation Z and Millennials to Financial Institutions: Engagement

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¿Qué es Banking as a Service?

Fintech and how it affects banking

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Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI and 5G: The Future of Fintech

La banca digital-first

La Banca Inteligente

La Banca Abierta

La Banca Modular

What is SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity MBC?

Los 4 pilares de la Banca en el 2025

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IFRS 16 y su impacto en los arrendamientos inmobiliarios

Joe Torres
enero 2020 — 895 vistas arrendamiento dycsi ifrs 16 soluciones de software

SAP Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX): la solución ideal para la IFRS 16

Joe Torres
enero 2020 — 836 vistas arrendamiento dycsi ifrs 16 sap soluciones de software

El gran impacto de IFRS 16

Joe Torres
enero 2020 — 876 vistas arrendamiento dycsi ifrs 16 sap


DYCSI is a banking and financial services provider specialized in providing solutions on SAP with our FINOBANK® platform to address key business issues critical to organizations in the Banking Industry. For over 17 years, we have distinguished ourselves in helping financial institutions to facilitate SAP implementations that conform with IFRS 16 while performing data analysis with solutions such as SAP Financial Services Performance Management. As a pacesetter and technology-driven organization, we have a history of excellence in building customized mobile apps for banks and financial institutions that accelerate the origination of loans and reduce operating costs by cutting redundancies and increasing process automation.

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